The Nourish Difference

What makes Nourish stand out?

Nourish is unlike any other nutritional shake. It allows you to personalize your mix, while delivering the highest quality of fruits, veggies, and protein, plus 25 essential vitamins and minerals.

Natural Goodness

What Kind of Ingredients Do You Use?

We're passionate and picky about our ingredients. So that means no artificial flavors. No added colors. No preservatives. No fillers. Ever.

Taste matters

What does it taste like?

Taste is important to us. So we devoted countless hours to get it just right. After nearly 100 taste tests, we've finally got something your taste buds will celebrate. Choose from smooth, milky chocolate or rich vanilla bean.

Uniquely Yours

How do you personalize my formula?

Well first, we'll get to know you! You'll answer a series of questions about your body, diet, exercise, and goals. Then, we'll analyze your responses, determine the best nutrients, and formulate a unique blend just for you.

Paul Thompson

Since Paul wants to gain muscle, we fueled his formula with high protein and low carbs, so he only gains lean mass. We also added leucine (a BCAA) to aid in muscle recovery after his tough workouts.

Marissa Sherwood

Marissa is a vegan who exercises a lot, which means she needs extra vitamin D, B6, B12, and iron. She also needs high-quality protein to rebuild her muscles and enough carbs to refuel them.

Brian Walsh

Brian is a long-distance cyclist, so we gave him plenty of protein and lots of carbs. With his gluten allergy, he is likely low in B vitamins, so we included all the B vitamins he needs to perform at his best.

Get started for just $3.00 per serving.

  • Tell us about yourself.

    Take the short survey about your body type and goals.

  • Review your unique formula.

    See what is in your mix and how it can improve your fitness.

  • Replenish when you need.

    Get exactly what you need each month. Cancel anytime.