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When we crafted Nourish, our goal was to make a once-a-day, personalized nutritional drink that wasn't just fillers and a handful of vitamins. We wanted something you could depend on for all of your nutritional needs.

All in a day's work

How it works

You Share

Tell us about yourself—your gender, age and weight, the goals and habits you have.

We calculate

Our nutrition team will review your info, then formulate your unique mix.

You Enjoy

We'll ship your mix once a month and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

Everything you need

Complete Nutrition

Holistic Approach

Our dietitians and trainers set out to find a wholesome way to fulfill your nutritional needs.

Fills in the holes

It's nearly impossible to get a perfect balance of nutrients every day. So Nourish makes up the difference for you.

Unique Formulation

We'll factor your body type, dietary needs, exercise habits, and goals to specially formulate a unique mix just for you.

Made for you

A unique Formula

ForJamie Barnes

GoalLose 30 pounds

Diet RestrictionEggs

Formula no.



We added whey protein to replenish Jamie's muscles after her workouts, and both fiber and casein protein to help keep her fuller longer. We also included extra riboflavin and vitamin B12 to compensate for her egg allergy.

ForPaul Thompson

GoalGain 10 pounds of muscle mass

Diet RestrictionNone

Formula no.



Paul wants to put on muscle, so his formula is high in protein and low in carbs. That way, the only weight he gains is muscle mass. His formula's also high in BCAAs (especially leucine), which is vital for muscle building.

ForMarissa Sherwood

GoalRun a new 10K personal record

Diet RestrictionVegan

Formula no.



We used plant-based protein to help rebuild Marissa's muscles after a tough workout, while also accommodating her restriction. We also added plenty of calcium, iron, and vitamins D, B6, and
B12—all nutrients that vegans tend to lack.

ForBrian Walsh

GoalSet a personal record for a century ride

Diet RestrictionGluten

Formula no.



For Brian, we included lots of gluten-free carbohydrates to refuel his muscles after a long ride, and whey protein to help rebuild them. We also added all the B vitamins so he's able to perform at his best and recover effectively.

So simple

Your Daily Drink


Fill your included shaker to the 8-ounce line with your favorite cold liquid.


Scoop the recommended serving size, then shake until the mixture is completely blended.


Drink up! Enjoy within 30 minutes after your workout, or for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Only the best

Real, Pure Ingredients

100% Quality Ingredients

Our ingredients are obtained from only the highest-quality sources. We guarantee it.

25 Vitamins and Minerals

No other shake provides your fruits, veggies, pure protein, 13 essential vitamins, and 12 different minerals.

Made from Real Food

Each ingredient in your formula comes from real food, and is personally vetted by our dietitians.

Keepin' it real

What People are saying

Testimonial quote
“I was pleasantly surprised with the protein drink. It mixed up smooth in my shaker bottle and had really good flavor. Gave me a bump of energy!”

– Kim

Testimonial quote
“The shake has a creamy consistency when mixed and I think it is best blended with ice or frozen fruit. Would be great post-workout or as a meal replacement.”

– Cheri Wilson

Testimonial quote
“I really liked it! It gave me energy and seemed to take away some of my hunger and help me focus on healthier choices.”

– Shelly Horrison

Testimonial quote
“This is the creamiest protein shake I've ever had. It had none of the usual unpleasant protein taste and reminded me of a real milkshake. Great taste!”

– Dina Tholen

Testimonial quote
“This is a great way to start my day! Simple to make and take on the go and a great chocolate flavor!”

– Genevieve Bennett

Testimonial quote
“iFit Nourish mixed well and has a great taste. It also has a smooth texture. Mixed well with both water and milk.”

– Don Schintz

At a glance

iFit Nourish

Personalized Nutrients

8 Different Fruits

6 different vegetables

gluten free

No fillers or artificial flavors

just add liquid

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